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The Weekly Bite – Monday 11th July, 2022 —Issue 2472

Hi All

We will all have heard about the current new wave of COVID and the ongoing wave of influenza so I feel it is timely to encourage everyone to stay vigilant and to implement every form of protection possible. This is something that concerns us all, whether Green Apple members, a visitor onsite and, of course, our working team.

Aerosol spread of both COVID and influenza is significantly contained by our open environment and multiple outdoor areas. Most exercise venues are enclosed and many are constantly re-cycling air so the risk of infection is much higher in those premises.

We just need to be diligent with maintaining physical distancing, washing our hands, even wearing masks to protect ourselves if we feel vulnerable, and to wear a mask to protect others if we know we have had COVID affected people in our lives.

I want to thank you all for the work you do wiping down equipment and surfaces. I don’t think we can ever go back now to blithely hopping on and off equipment without thought of possible germ transition. No matter how much cleaning we do as a working team we can never manage to get the results you are all helping to achieve.

You may have noticed that one of the Seated Arm Ergometers has been missing for some time. We have had to wait for the replacement monitor to be supplied from the USA. This has been a pain in the neck as you can imagine because any delivery to Australia from elsewhere has been more of a challenge since the advent of Covid.  Good news! The monitor has arrived and the Seated Arm Ergometer should have been back in the gym by Saturday.

Thanks Alan Taylor for letting Brian know about something in the Men’s change room that need to be addressed. We appreciate members like you who help us keep on top of all our maintenance issues. Cleaning and maintenance compliance are two of our key business indicators of best practice.

“I don’t know about you but I have really been enjoying my apples recently. No, not green apples, just two varieties that are just so good at present. I love Jazz apples and they are becoming more available and the more recent variety, Envy, has become my number one favourite to eat with cottage cheese. Yum!”

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