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The Weekly Bite – Monday 12th December, 2022 —Issue 2494

Hi All

On Tuesday last week we used our weekly Team Meeting time at 11am till 12 to have a Secret Santa end of the year get-together. We decided that pizzas at La Zucca would provide support for a local business and it certainly helps that they are right on our doorstep! La Zucca did a great job of creating two vegan pizzas as well as 8 other types of pizzas. They must have been tasty because not a crumb remained at the end of the hour!

Charlotte had the idea of the Secret Santa and set the purchase amount at $20. We all had one person to purchase a gift for and a website to help us with what we wanted ourselves and what we could choose from for our particular Xmas Buddy.

So quite a little group attended La Zucca including Sonya, Nessa, Loretta, Pat, Charlotte, Bridie, Brontë, Zach, Charlie, Darrol, Katrina, Wanda, John, Toni, Gary, Carol, Cheryl, Manoli and Brian!

Not me!

I wasn’t able to participate because I finally succumbed to the dreaded COVID days earlier and had to be content with writing something to be read out in my absence! I wanted to share with all of them my thoughts of how they have really pulled together as a fine-tuned team during 2022. It is this team work that makes working in the Green Apple very special, and makes it extra special for the clients in our care.

We had our first Men’s Only Aqua class last Tuesday too. We had five brave men in the first group, which Charlotte delivered.  One participant commented:  “More than wonderful, it was fantastic!”

Check out the next newsletter for information about any of the Wellness classes that will have a short break over the Christmas/New Year time. We really want you to attend regularly and often if you are still at home during the festive season. No good slacking off when there is so much good food (and drink!) around. Many people tell me that, over the combined Christmas and Easter period, they always put on weight that takes them the rest of the year to work off. Let’s get a life-balance this year as we go into 2023.

Did you get your Christmas letter? If not, let us know at Reception.

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