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The Weekly Bite – Monday 12th June, 2023 —Issue 2519

Hi All

Men’s Health Week is here!!

Everyone and anyone can participate in the activities this week. The tests, assessments and presentations are there for all of you, male or female.

If you can’t attend on the day gazetted for the test, no worries. You can still do the tests on other days but it is only on the gazetted days that we have a prize at end of day. For example if you usually only attend on Tuesday and you want to do the Grip test, you can still go to the gazebo in the courtyard on Tuesday to do this.

The schedule for the Presentations:

10.00am    Assemble in the Conference Room
10.15am Charlie’s talk
10.35am Loretta Howard (Dietitian)
10.55am Nicole Colligan (psychologist)
11.15am Neil Evans (Prostate talk)

Brunch in the Courtyard from 11.30am to 12.15pm.

Check out the back of this newsletter for more information and directions.

In relation to any appointments which require a payment on the new HiCaps machine please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so we can process your payment without encroaching on your appointed time.

Key points to remember for any appointments that you know you will get a rebate of some sort for:

1.  Bring the card you will make a payment with eg Visa card
2.  Bring your Medicare card or your Private Health Fund card
3.  Bring the debit card you wish to have your rebate put back into.

You will need all of these cards if you want to get an immediate refund of the rebate Medicare or your Health Fund will provide for you.

When the payment is processed you will pay the full amount first from your first card, then the second card will be entered as the place you get your refund from and the third card will be used to put your refund money back into.  We cannot put your refund back into a Credit Card, only your debit or savings account.

Enjoy the week!
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