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The Weekly Bite – Monday 13th February, 2023 —Issue 2502

Hi All

Team member Katrina came to me last week to tell me about the fundraising being done by one of our members, Wendy Whatley, for the charity Aspleycare ER. This Emergency Relief Centre provides food hampers for people who desperately need base level life-sustaining help and Wendy would really appreciate support from other Green Apple members. Katrina was very concerned and very eager to enlist you all.

We are going to put a tub in Reception with a list of items that are ideal to put into the food hampers. What they are looking for includes 2 min noodles, tins of spaghetti, baked, beans, fruit, tuna in springwater. Packets of rice and dry pasta, e.g. 500 g packets, teabags, Weet-Bix cereal. Any help you can give with this will be really appreciated.

If you know of anyone who really needs this help with emergency food supplies, the Aspleycare ER operates from Monday to Friday, 10 am till 1 pm, and they are situated at 479 Robinson Road, Aspley.

Brian tells me he needs to take a second Stretch class again on Wednesday to accommodate the numbers of you wishing to do his class. So for now we will have a Stretch class at 6am and another one at 7am. If the numbers wane we will return to the usual 6am time slot. If Brian is away on Wednesday morning (and this is not often throughout the year) there will be one class only at 6am.  If you like, or need, the Stretch class to maintain or improve your pliability, mobility, flexibility, we also have classes on Monday and Tuesday so check out the Group class schedule.

It is great to see the 30 minute Aqua class at 6am on Mondays has been a success. The first class had more people than we expected actually which is great as long as we can still provide the class specifically for the people it was catering for. I should explain that this class was requested by four individual members whom do not do the other classes that we provide on Monday morning and who really want to be able to work in water and this was the criteria I used to chose the day, time and instructor. So Pam B, Deb L, Tracey G, Brenda H, thanks for being pro-active and ENJOY! You have initiated something that was obviously needed by several other members.

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