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The Weekly Bite – Monday 13th March, 2023 —Issue 2506

Hi All

Isn’t it amazing how the temperatures can vary at this time of year! We have had some really hot days and this is great in one way because we want to keep Aqua going till Easter and we will be able to make that possible with this weather and by replacing the pool cover at night time. So make the most of being able to get into the water (which John is keeping wonderfully pristine).

If you are wanting an appointment with the exercise physiologists right now you may be asked to book somewhat ahead due to Zach being away (wedding Saturday March 11 and having time off till the end of March), Bridie away till March 15 and Charlotte going on holidays soon to New Zealand. These times off have been planned for quite a long time and we knew we were covered by having another full time exercise Phys available. That changed when Brontë moved on to Wesley Mission 8 weeks ago and finding a replacement, who meets all the qualities that I require when I take on a new Team member, will not happen overnight. So bear with us as we do our very best to accommodate what is needed.

The Clinic facade upgrade is nearly finished and from there Brian will be tackling the inside area. We have plans but at the moment there is no rush since right now we have our hands full with Green Apple day-to-day operations.

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