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The Weekly Bite – Monday 13th November, 2023 —Issue 2541

Hi All

Are you as amazed as I am in how fast this year has gone? A sign of our busyness! Everybody seems to have things on these days. We just seem to stuff so much into our lives and this, plus the informational overload from multiple sources at times, can be overwhelming.

We have a lovely new Team member! Suzzy Revill commenced her training last week with Nessa, who is in charge of Suzzy’s “Onboarding process”.  Nessa says Suzzy is a delight to work with. I have asked Nessa to write something up about what she is doing with Suzzy to keep you all in the loop. 

By November 22, Suzzy will have reached a point where she will start working on Reception, a very important position in the business, that will provide Suzzy an opportunity to get to know you and to grasp the full scope of what the business is all about. Suzzy ‘s eventual “job” at Green Apple will be as an Exercise Physiologist, joining the current allied health team of Charlie, Nathan and Ben. 

By November 22, Kristen Ring will be welcomed into our midst to go through HER intensive “Onboarding process”. Since Reception will be Kristen’s primary job, Nessa will be training her in greater depth than Suzzy because she will need to be a font of information for any of you as well as be able to field all sorts of phone calls and enquiries. 

We have one more Team member coming onboard in January and I’ll explain more about this closer to the time. All very exciting! All three are going to be such assets because, like our existing Green Apple team, these new recruits are so keen to be working here. And it shows, doesn’t it?

The current team are truly impressive and will be great mentors, and already they are looking forward to supporting our “newbies”. 

I hear that the “Getting Up From the Floor” instructional session with Nathan, Friday 6.30am, went very well! I want to thank AEP Ben, who spent much time working on this as a project, and AEP Nathan for delivering the session so well. 

We have been asked if we can deliver this again, possibly at different times, for members who are keen to know more about the topic. Definitely on our radar!

As the weather heats up, keep up that water intake!

Cheers Victoria 





















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