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The Weekly Bite – Monday 14th November, 2022 —Issue 2490

Hi All

Sad news from Natalie whom has been taking our Yoga Fusion classes on Monday night at 5.45pm and Tuesday mornings at 6am, she has had a big family tragedy which has meant that her Green Apple time has come to an end. We all wish that Nat is coping and we want her to know we are here for her and that we have appreciated her enthusiasm and client-care that was evident in everything she did.

Replacing the classes that Nat provided will be, at 6pm (not 5.45pm) on Monday, a Mystery class (at this stage) with Katrina, and on Tuesday mornings at 6am we will have a video with Loretta (or a class with Brontë) until Loretta returns from holiday. When Loretta returns she will take some of her special classes. If you have never done Fitball Drumming with Loretta, you might be in for a special treat!

Body Composition Testing (Maltron) is coming up very soon. If you want to know more about how much good muscle you have on your body compared to body fat, this is a very simple test to have done at a very reasonable price. Just look on the Reception notice board and put your name down.

Brian’s Stretch class at 6am on Wednesday mornings is still attracting big numbers so we will continue to provide an extra class at 7am for those of you whom are prepared to attend a little later in the morning. If you haven’t done a Stretch class previously I would advise you to come along at the 7am time slot. I particularly encourage our men members to trial it because all our bodies become more like “stiff canvas” than “pliable glad-wrap” as we age and men even more than women experience this.

We have many men in the 6am class now which is really good to see. There is nothing quite like having 45 minutes of graduated stretching to improve our mobility, pliability and posture.

Great turn out for Brian’s Barbell class last week. This is a 30 minute class that focusses on building strength while having fun. Brian uses music, light weights and creative moves to keep you entertained and working at your level throughout the class. He designs it so both men and  women will get a good workout. Usual time for this class is 5.30pm on Wednesdays. Give it a go!

This is a great photo of member Lydia and Exercise Physiologist Bronte. I want to thank you Lydia for your willingness to help with whenever Nessa is prowling for a photograph for something we are doing. Nessa does an amazing job of finding the right people for the right shots and this is a great picture.

Well done exercise physiologists Charlotte, Zach and Bronte for dedicating your full weekend last week to completion of an intensive program to upskill on rehabilitation exercises. As we all know, research on what works best goes on all the time and our exercise physiologists are in the top 10 percentile when it comes to staying right at the top. Since most of us need this expertise because we have biomechanical challenges, past surgery, pending surgery, this dedication and passion for the work all the Team do here at Green Apple is essential. Lucky us!!

Bridie’s Secret Women’s Business workshop is full already. Bridie will be running her next Women’s workshop in February 2023 so get in early if you want to do this one.

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