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The Weekly Bite – Monday 15 April, 2024 —Issue 2562

Hi All

One of the things I think we all appreciate about the community within the Green Apple is the way everyone interacts with each other within the environment we share. Cooperation and positive and fruitful interaction happens at all levels within the Centre, from the Green Apple team working together to deliver all the services and levels of care with a model of best practice, to the members sharing the gym floor. The philosophies of Green Apple encourage a very special culture and I believe this is the distinguishing feature that benefits us all. We are a community within the greater community out there around us. 

One aspect of this sharing and caring is occasionally reminding people that the equipment we have one-only of may need an extra level of sharing. In busy times, we do need to remind ourselves to be mindful of other members who may need to access this one-only piece of equipment. Since we have such a culture of social interaction, there will be times we are enjoying a great conversation with someone, unaware that another member is waiting to access the equipment we are sitting on, or apparently using. And some members are reticent in asking if you are finished with that equipment, so you continue to be unaware. 

Cardiovascular equipment, for example the electronic treadmills, have a 10-minute time limit in busy times. If you are here when there are a lot of people in the Centre and you are using one treadmill and the other is not being used, you will be able to stay on it longer, but once another member accesses that treadmill next to you, once you have done your 10minutes (even if you have been given more than 10 minutes in your program ), I encourage you to go onto another piece of cardiovascular equipment to have continuity of a constant elevated heart rate. 

This sharing with others who may need it, whenever it is needed, is really a courtesy that makes Green Apple the place it is, and it is rare in the greater community we live in these days. 

Whether it is sharing equipment or maintaining due diligence with wiping down equipment after you use it, I trust that we all observe these standards set. Any rules and/or expectations that I have now, and have had for the past 40 years, reflect what I believe is necessary to ensure we preserve the character of Green Apple. I want a happy place and I am probably very “old-school” and maybe even have a touch of “Pollyanna” in me, however it works because so many of you make it happen daily and are here actively supporting what we do and how we do it. 

So keep up the great work of making Green Apple a very special environment for us all!


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