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The Weekly Bite – Monday 15 January, 2024 —Issue 2549

Hi All

I have a variety of things to share with you in this newsletter. Some of them will require responses from any of you whom want additional classes during the remainder of the Summer season.

First, January 13 was Wanda’s final Saturday morning and she will hand over her Saturday group activities to Jesse, who is enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Wanda is sad to have to do this, however due to additional family responsibilities in 2024, she is only available for work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means the Pilates Class on Saturday will be delivered as a Core and Stretch Class until Jesse has completed his Mat Pilates Class training.

Second, Wanda will now take her Pilates Class on Tuesday at 6pm. Wanda has spoken to her current Stretch Class (usually on at 6pm Tuesday) and they all feel this is a positive move and will give them a change of pace. I hope you will see this as an opportunity to attend an additional Pilates Class during the week. If you have never done Mat Pilates, you will need to organise a 30 minute Personal Training session to learn the basic breathing and specific elements of Pilates so you can go into this class. Once you have had this one-on-one session, you can go into the no-fee Pilates Mat Class.

Third, now that the weather is so much warmer and the humidity is high, we are looking at adding to our Aqua schedule. Your response to the current classes in the water tells us that you are enjoying the class-type, and the efforts of the Class Leaders. Since we want to be able to provide you with more Aqua by the beginning of February, I need feedback from you.  Send me an email directly or enter your thoughts (see the Reception noticeboard) on possible additional Aqua class times

Another Service you may not be aware of, is to have a tailored hydrotherapy program made which you can do any time. Having the option of water exercise to complement your “in the gym” exercise is a fantastic option. If you are a member, the fee for this 30 minute session with a medically trained Exercise Physiologist at Green Apple will cost you $70, less any rebates from Medicare (Care plan) or Private health fund rebate. If you are a non-member the half hour fee is $90.

You have a wonderful team available here at Green Apple. Make sure you maximise every service available to you.

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