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The Weekly Bite – Monday 15th May, 2023 —Issue 2515

Hi All

Just a reminder to anyone attending Brian’s Earlybird Stretch class on Wednesdays, there is one class at 6am only currently. During Summer Brian was taking an additional class directly after the 6am class to cater for the large numbers keen to join his Stretch class. With the cooler weather numbers are now more manageable so we will see how we go with a single class.  We also have Stretch on Tuesday evening at 6pm as an alternative option.

For some time, Brian has been giving consideration to providing downstairs toilet access for women clients who struggle with the stairs which need to be used to access the upstairs ladies change room. One of the members approached me with a possible solution which could be implemented in the interim. She suggested that, since there was a unisex toilet upstairs available for both males and females, as well as a ladies only toilet/change room, that perhaps a door lock could be put on the downstairs toilet to allow access as another Unisex toilet area (NOT change room facility or shower access for females, just the toilet if really needed by female clients who struggle with stairs).
I need your feedback on this asap please so we can start planning towards a short term and a long-term solution to the problem.

I always think it wonderful when I hear happy voices and laughter filtering through from the gym areas and even before the doors open at 5.30am weekday mornings outside the gym. This social aspect of coming to Green Apple is as critical for some members as the physical benefits. So, I want to encourage this in every fashion however I would like to remind you that if you are sitting on equipment for prolonged periods when you are not actually using it, and talking to someone, that there may be another person wanting to use it and perhaps too shy to ask you to move.  I know this isn’t deliberate generally, but it can happen so be alert and prepared to share.

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