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The Weekly Bite – Monday 16th January, 2023 —Issue 2498

Hi All

So many of you will be experiencing thoughts like me this week,…..wondering where the year is going already and feeling that Christmas was weeks ago rather than just a couple of weeks back. Life gallops along at such a pace these days, filled with “busyness”!
If you are needing a reality check and something to get your teeth into that will help you evaluate where you are on your personal wellness health scale, we have something coming up at the end of the month that will help.

On January 30, exercise physiologist, Charlotte, will be delivering the My Health for Life course. The whole purpose of the course content is to look at the various elements that promote good health and wellness, providing you with the opportunity to mindfully consider your current wellness status.
See the information at the base of this page and use the QR code to find out more. Reception can help you enrol in this free course and if you have friends and family who would like to attend with you it will be at no cost also.

I am glad to hear that the group hydrotherapy class, Splashing Good Time, that Zach is taking is going well for members taking advantage of this coaching opportunity. We still have places available in this class so enquire further at Reception if you have hip, knee, or any other joint dysfunction/pain that would benefit from buoyant, targeted physical activity.

Thank you to the members who have thoughts about things they would like to see us deliver in Green Apple and who make the effort to send me an email to tell me about it. Member Margaret Davey has asked could we bring back an early morning Aqua class (6am?) for any Earlybird members who really like doing their group class in the water. It is something I will definitely consider if I have sufficient expressions of interest. The ball is in your court. How many people would commit to an early morning Aquarobics class?

You will see Brian (and sometimes John and/or Gary helping) busy renovating the facade of the Honey House. It continues to be a work in progress! I’ll explain more in future newsletters.

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