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The Weekly Bite – Monday 16th May, 2022 —Issue 2464

Hi All

The next two weeks are going to be fuelled by Green Apple Team energy, that is if we can avoid being dragged down by any grim weather. Hopefully as the week unfolds the sun will shine and all the efforts made to set up the gazebo in the courtyard will worth the efforts made.
Brian and I will be away this week so I hope Nessa will be able to send us a couple of photos so we can share the fun.

I really hope that you will help us reach the target we have set on our My Health for Life questionnaire. You may have seen advertisements on the television about this course which has been set up by the government to help people get on track with their health. We have been delivering it for years now and it has a high success rate. And, amazingly enough, it is free!!

Member Jim Mathers and his band, “Slow Cooked”, a trio playing Blues, rock and pop covers, will have a gig at Aspley Hornets on Saturday May 21 from 7 till 10pm. This is an opportunity to gather a few Green Apples together and have an enjoyable meal and support a fellow member.

A pro-active Green Apple coffee group, the one that gets together after class on Fridays at 6am, will be raising money for a great cause, breast cancer, this Friday. See details in the newsletter.

Shirley McGregor was back just in time to hostess our Wellness Class Assessment days last week.  Great to have you back with us Shirley!

On the back page of this newsletter you will see what has been planned for next week when we say farewell to MH4L week and welcome Exercise Right Week. We have so many things planned throughout the week culminating with a talk I will do on Sunday May 29 on “How to Keep our Body Fascia Healthy”. Fascia is a fascinating part of our soft tissue and really worth understanding. Like glad wrap when we are babies, it becomes less elastic and more like canvas as we age.

Keeping your fascia pliable so your body moves more like a young person is achievable for most of us, so come along on Sunday share the topic with me.

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