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The Weekly Bite – Monday 16th October, 2023 —Issue 2537

Hi All

Well, I have made it past the 76th milestone! Thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages on my special day. I loved them all and feel so grateful to have lived the life I have led right up till now. 

Big thanks to Team member, Nessa, and long term Member, Cheryl Ivory, for organising and setting up a wonderful farewell to Charlotte Barnes, one of our valued exercise physiologists, whom now plans to take a little break from all her work responsibilities to help her make decisions about her future. 

This Farewell party last Monday at 7am was also to “celebrate” a formal goodbye to a very special member whom has only three years to go before she receives her letter from the King! Beryl Boyd came to Green Apple 27 years ago at the age of 70 and is now moving away from Brisbane to live with family. Beryl has been an inspiration to so many and it was lovely to be able to share the love we have had for her over the past couple of decades. Beryl looked me in the eyes and said “Victoria, these years at Green Apple have been the best years of my life”. I was very touched and believe her because I know how many of you attending as our Early Bird contingent really care for each other and have contributed towards Beryl’s journey. 

If you haven’t received the monthly E-newsletter (which should have arrived last week) let us know at Reception. My contribution to this newsletter is to write a blog or editorial on a topic that I really want to share. This email newsletter differs from the weekly “hard copy” newsletter available to you at Reception because your weekly newsletter provides attending members local and current news whereas the E-newsletter goes further afield to Green Apple supporters globally. 

My editorial for October was on “Fascia” and gives you a basic insight into this incredibly important tissue type, and system, within our body. It was the theme of my talk at Wantima Golf Club (delivered on my birthday!) last week, when I related it back to how our fascia can affect our golf, positively or negatively. 

Next week I will share with you why Clinical Massage can produce results not being achieved by many other medical modalities. What I have discovered during the 40 years of study and hands-on “practice” has been incredibly exciting. 

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