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The Weekly Bite – Monday 17th August, Issue 2377

Hi All

Were you one of the people out enjoying the incredible weather at the Sunshine Coast beaches or Gold Coast beaches over the long weekend? The roads were absolutely chokkers!!

We were part of it because we wanted to drop someone up at Marcoola on Sunday and even as we headed up the coast at 11am in the morning we could see the traffic coming back to Brisbane was turning into a crawling, stop start event in many places.

We decided to enjoy a Subway on the Caloundra waterfront before we returned in an effort to avoid the worst of the traffic. The wind was pretty cruel and the surf that Brian had thought about jumping into was so non-existent that Brian said, in amazement, “I have NEVER seen it so flat!”

Our return trip was slow but at least we were constantly moving because Brian chose all the back roads.

For the next five weeks while Darrol is on holiday Charlie will be taking over the new program appointments that Darrol would normally do with you. Darrol and Charlie spent many sessions together to prepare Charlie, and Darrol told me before he left that Charlie is very ready for this role. Since Charlie will eventually be an exercise physiologist (like Sunny, Charlotte and Bridie) when he finishes his studies at university, he already has a lot of knowledge and spending time with you on the gym floor will give him the chance to put it into practice.

I am keen to have your thoughts about the Group Classes and what is really needed by members as we go forward. When we re-opened after our COVID closure, I had to be mindful of how many people we could have in the Aerobics floor area at any one time and also how long the class could be to minimise the exposure times of the same people in one space.

In going forward I want to be fully aware of what you are wanting when we can expand the offerings upstairs. If you do want to participate in a group class upstairs but you feel it might be too difficult what is it you would like provided to help you get started.  So many members tell me that they did their first class at home in their lounge, using the videos that were sent to them by Nessa during the COVID closure, while they were on HOLD or enrolled in the Health@Home service.
The biggest benefit, they tell me, was that they could do as little or as much of the video as they felt comfortable with, that no-one was looking at them as they learnt the moves and that they actually enjoyed the opportunity to do something different.

So now I ask you for help to identify where we go with classes now. And it will be important that you are suggesting activities that you will definitely turn up for and support. Since at Green Apple the core service is providing tailored prescribed physical activity designed for you on an individual basis, for a specific purpose, the classes are more for additional support, fun, social interaction, movement (often to music), co-ordination etc. These elements are more important to some members but engagement in the group activity like this doesn’t suit everyone.

So now is your chance to voice your opinion and explain what you want if you are going to join a group class. An email to me on [email protected]   will be best but a handwritten note to me will also be great to get.

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