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The Weekly Bite – Monday 17th July, 2023 —Issue 2524

Hi All

I became interested in Pilates many years ago when I was recovering from our first motorcycle accident. I needed activities that would help strengthen my body as well as reduce my pain and to help recover from some fairly extensive injuries. Since I had done Pilates as an exercise in my 20s, I decided that this was going to be part of my journey. And as a result of developing my own recovery plan, once fully rehabilitated, I sought formal training in Pilates.

One of the world leaders in Pilates at that time was a studio owner in London. Many years ago, Michael decided to come out to Australia to run intensive workshops in Sydney as a lead-up to an annual conference  (FILEX). I completed the first Mat Pilates diploma, and then in the following year when Michael returned to Australia, I completed a very comprehensive Pilates Reformer Diploma.

I have a great deal of respect for the Pilates method and when team members Charlotte and Wanda showed deep interest in this exercise modality, I facilitated their in-depth training so we could provide both Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates, at a professional level at Green Apple.

On the back page of the newsletter this week you will be able to read more about the Pilates method so, if it interests you to pursue it further, make a personal training time with either Charlotte or Wanda to investigate whether or not you are suited to this exercise form. It can really help with postural alignment which becomes critical as we age, with core and pelvic floor control, with stress levels through the mindful breathing you are taught to do and, best of all for some people, Pilates can achieve so much without straining and stressing.

We are opening up the use of the Squat Rack to certain members and the new “rules of use” will be displayed in the Squat Rack area. The most important thing to know about using an Olympic bar (which weighs 20 kg) and doing any weighted exercise in the Squat rack area is that you need to know exactly what you are doing. So read the rules and find out what you need to do now to access this area.

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