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The Weekly Bite – Monday 17th October, 2022 —Issue 2486

Hi All

First, before I let you know a couple of positive things, I need to appeal to your community spirit and ask you to do something that appears to be dropping off the radar slightly. I know that there has been a significant relaxation everywhere in relation to COVID rules and regulations however, in the Green Apple, I still have a particular desire to keep us all as safe as possible from ANY of the bugs that are circulating currently. I still want all members and the Green Apple team to play a part in keeping us as hygienic and virus/bacterial-free as possible. This means still washing hands, using hand sanitiser and, particularly important and essential, wiping down equipment after use.

If we all help with this, it stays a manageable job. I did hear that one person said to someone” I’m not paying membership fees to do the cleaning” and this made me feel a bit sad to think that all the things most of us are doing together to make Green Apple a very special community hub, that anyone would feel it is other people’s job, nothing to do with them.

So, please, keep up the great work of wiping down the parts of the equipment you have had contact with when you finish with it.

Good news for any early-birds wanting to do Brian’s Stretch Class at 6am on Wednesdays. This class has become the most popular Group Class upstairs (is it the “goodies” Brian takes to class to share that is attracting more participants??). Brian is taking a 6am class and another one at 7am for a couple of weeks to see if this is going to be a solution to the overcrowding problem. If there is sufficient need for two classes right now, we will continue to provide it but if we just get enough people to fill one class we will return to that format.  See the noticeboard at Reception to reserve your space in either the 6am or 7am session.

Our allied health team has requested a new piece of equipment that will help them expand the supervised exercises they can provide when working with individual clients. Zach brought this to my attention and has been liaising with the other exercise physiologists and with Darrol to ensure that the purchase is what they all needed. Brian is now involved with the actual purchase and assembly of it and hopes to have it available for use very soon. The crazy thing is that we used to have three of these in the “old days” and we got rid of them as we had to fit in other equipment more pertinent to our clientele.

So what is it?

A multi-use Squat Rack that can be used during one-on-one sessions during exercise physiology consultations, and during Personal Training consultations with exercise professionals like Darrol, Wanda, Katrina and Loretta.

Keep up the great work!

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