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The Weekly Bite – Monday 18th September, 2023 —Issue 2533

Hello All,

Just wanted to say a wonderful thank you to all the members that have been so positive when I ask them to tell me something about themselves for the Newsletter. We all hate to brag or talk about ourselves, but everyone loves to hear about other members success stories.  About how they have improved, been motived by others and are living an improved life because of the Green Apple and all the people that make up our community. I am always on the hunt for a story, so please let me know if you would like to share. I only need a few minutes of your time and a quick photo. 

One of the amazing things about Green Apple is our community. Members tell me all the time about the lifetime friendships they have made here. It can be a social place to have a chat, laugh and a giggle as we are working out or have a break. We do encourage the social aspect of the Green Apple but not everyone is here for that. Some people like the down time away from others, to get in and workout and go on their way. Just a quick ‘Hi’ can really make a person’s day. Plus a smile is priceless too.

I hope you all have a great week, keep smiling and encourage others as well as yourself.

Be kind!

Cheers Nessa





















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