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The Weekly Bite – Monday 1st May, 2023 —Issue 2513

Hi All

Brian and I attended the Bald Hills ANZAC memorial service last Tuesday. It has grown in size significantly over the years and it was wonderful to see such representation from such a diverse age group and different community bodies. Team member Katrina and husband Dick were there too, and members Paul and Marilyn Lucas. And probably lots more of you that we didn’t catch up with.

This week Brian and I will be away for 5 days at Golden Beach. I promised Brian that this year, in 2023, I would make sure we had several small breaks away so he can have a body surf and feel he really is in the process of transition to retirement. Brian told me years ago that when he turned 70 he wanted to retire. When he got to 70 I suggested the best retirement happens when you have sufficient challenge and responsibilities to keep the brain active and to know that you are still helping others, so he is still here 3 years later!

Brian not only keeps all our equipment in fantastic working order (with help from Gary Bonnor and John) but also opens up the Centre for all the Earlybirds three mornings a week AND still takes some classes, Step on Monday at 6am, Stretch on Wednesday at 6am and a 30 minute Barbell class to music at 5.30pm Wednesday.

Brian has been taking 2 Stretch classes on Wednesday morning because the numbers attending were too many to fit into one class. This week there will be no Brian and no second class so turn up at 6am if you want to do Stretch. Actually, on our return we may stick to one class at 6am until we really need to be delivering two classes because the numbers have dropped somewhat in the past month.

Remember too that Brian has started a Learn to Step class on Mondays at 6.30am which he will keep going for another three classes, May 8, 15, 24th. He was delighted to have 5 men and one woman attend his first Learn to Step last Monday.

Team member Bridie is delivering a couple of really good workshops over the next month. The more you invest in learning about your body through these workshops, the more meaningful your exercise will be to you.

Similarly, the articles in the newsletter will help you adhere to your body-housekeeping.  The fascia article in the past couple of newsletters has many more members interested in trialling massage.

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