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The Weekly Bite – Monday 20th February, 2023 —Issue 2503

Hi All

I am hearing great feedback from you about the courses and workshops we have been delivering already this year.

Bridie’s Secret Women’s Business was booked out for a second time and the general consensus has been that we definitely need to know, or be reminded, about how important our pelvic floor is during all phases of our lives, a body part that needs exercise no matter what age we are.  Bridie also has the special talent of making everyone comfortable and prepared to share and that is such a wonderful attribute.

And Charlotte’s My Health for Life group are really enjoying her enthusiastic presentation.  One comment made to me was “you know a lot of what we are covering in the course but sometimes it is the little things that Charlotte says about it that puts it in context in a more meaningful way”.

These courses and activities are all aimed at helping you in your health journey. Every additional bit of knowledge, awakening further interest in your amazing body, adds valuable support to your ability to sustain and adhere to your exercise, your healthy eating, your positive mental and emotional initiatives.
Find out what we have planned for the next few months and let us know what really interests you so we can make sure we are providing what you want.

Darrol will be doing his body composition analysis session for you very soon. This Maltron test will give you valuable information which you can use to freshen up your goals and objectives for 2023.
Check the notice board in reception for appointment times. The cost is minimal.

For now, Brian is delivering two Stretch Classes on Wednesday morning, one at 6am and then another at 7am. I can’t stress enough the importance of this activity, especially as we age. Our body fascia “feels like gladwrap” when we are a baby and degenerates into “feeling like canvas” as we age. We need to stretch regularly to mobilise this important tissue in our body so our joints can move appropriately. Rather than thinking of it as “stretching” we really should regard it as “returning our body to neutral” after a night’s sleep.
If you are new to Brian’s class I recommend you attend the 7am class time.  It is a smaller group at present and this will provide you the opportunity to understand what this ‘stretching” is all about.

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