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The Weekly Bite – Monday 20th June, 2022 —Issue 2469

Hi All

You will see Sunny’s letter of farewell to us all in this newsletter. As he explains he feels now is the time to branch out into private practice and he has been given the opportunity to do this in regional and rural areas.

Sunny came to us over 10 years ago while he was on a visa into Australia from India. He had spent time in Melbourne gaining his Masters in Exercise Physiology from a background of Physiotherapy. Sunny responded to the job position we advertised when Emma decided she wanted to leave her full-time role as an Exercise Physiologist at Green Apple to study for her Masters in Physiotherapy.

So Sunny flew up from Melbourne for his interview and I asked Brian to meet him at the airport because I wanted Brian’s view of Sunny as a person, as a man, as part of my interview process. Brian thought Sunny was “a good bloke”.

Despite Sunny’s status as being on a visa, which we had to accommodate in relation to his remuneration plus provide evidence that his employment was secure, Sunny was chosen to fill the job.  From there he worked diligently to understand the service we were delivering at Green Apple, and probably the even greater challenge of understanding the Australian sense of humour! Boy, was that a challenge. Members thought he had no sense of humour but time soon sorted that out.

As Sunny proved himself within our Green Apple community and I could see he could be a valuable Australian citizen I made the decision to sponsor his entry into Australia. So, the journey to meet all the requirements through his visa and finally towards citizenship began and Sunny became a fully-fledged Australian!

Brian, I and all the Green Apple Team wish Sunny the very best in his new venture. We, and all of you, have enabled him to have the best possible experience and integration into Australian society. And he has risen to the challenges and been loyal to us all. He now deserves the chance to spread his wings. 

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