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The Weekly Bite – Monday 20th March, 2023 —Issue 2507

Hi All

This weather we have been having is quite amazing. We are already officially in our Autumn season and yet we are still experiencing record high temperatures.

When Brian and I went for a dip in the Green Apple pool after work last Wednesday, the water was like swimming in a warm bath! And with temperatures predicted for 35 degrees and higher from Thursday March 16 onwards, we realised that the message we need to be getting out to everybody is STAY HYDRATED!

Aqua and water walking and water exercises are so good for you right now if you suffer in the heat. Remember you can wear any gear in the pool as long as it is clean so if you haven’t a swim suit, think about wearing a clean t-shirt and some form of lower body gear that will allow you to exercise while in the water.

Water walking is also an excellent activity to help minimise the swelling we can experience in hot, humid weather. The compression factor of the water as you move through it, combined with getting the blood and lymph flowing faster in the limbs, helps pump the fluids around the body. Clearing the body like this before you go to bed will definitely help you sleep better.

So many people I speak with recently, from business people to the general public, speak of gloom and doom, rising costs, inability to get staff (not just good staff but any staff who want work), flu and COVID still with us and long term effects, worrying global events, the list goes on. It makes me so grateful to be in an environment like Green Apple and surrounded by Team members and members who are more likely to embrace positivity, resilience, and support of those around them. Thank you for this! Running a business post COVID, and in the current climate, is certainly a challenge and I appreciate every one of you whom appreciate what we are all doing here together.

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