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The Weekly Bite – Monday 20th November, 2023 —Issue 2542

Hi All

It always interests me when people say they need air conditioning if they are going to do any exercise. I wonder if they realise how many viruses and bacteria float around in the air in closed environments which can be so easily breathed in. If one thing COVID made us aware of it was that air quality plays a big role in whether we succumb to illness, or we maintain our health. Air conditioning research indicates closed rooms and recycled air exposes us to undesirable aerosol particles. 

I exercise in as much fresh air as I possibly can and this helps me stay healthy and well, and also prepares me for the Queensland heat. The Green Apple is lucky to have the benefit of the breezes blowing in from Sandgate, and all the exercise areas have been designed to take advantage of wide-open spaces. 

All this is good news when we hear that masks may be necessary to avoid the recent surge of COVID cases. If we were fully air conditioned I would be a lot more concerned about having to use masks again at Green Apple than I am right now. 

And if the heat worries you make sure you have a water program designed to your needs, or simply start doing some water walking. Great exercise when the weather is steamy especially if you are prone to holding fluid in your legs during summer. This is common in women particularly if we are sitting or standing on the spot for extended lengths of time. If this happens to you, get in the pool and walk around or kick your legs so you elevate your blood flow, and at the same time the water will compress the legs creating a pumping action. This definitely has a draining effect on swollen legs. Try it!

Team member Suzzy is settling in well and our newest staff member, Kristen, will come on board this Wednesday. If you see her around, do welcome her. 

Cheers Victoria 


The COVID resurgence means that we must adhere and comply with the Green Apple Health and Safety Rules in relation to WIPING DOWN EQUIPMENT AFTER YOU USE IT. It is easy to fall back into pre-COVID behaviours of not being responsible for surfaces we are using, or not observing the required spacing to lessen the chances of our aerosol particles being passed onto others. I notice it everywhere out in the community and it has started to creep back into the Green Apple. PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE. 




















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