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The Weekly Bite – Monday 21st August, 2023 —Issue 2529

Hi All

We have had amazing weather! If the heat continues the way it has in the last week or so we will all have to consider how much fluid we are drinking to remain fully hydrated for our exercise. Sometimes it is hard to track the amount of fluid because we are having it in dribs and drabs during the day so we have to put in place a protocol to follow to make sure that it happens.

On a daily basis I endeavour to have approximately 4 to 5 litres of liquid and I manage this by filling a one litre bottle with water to take to bed with me and what hasn’t been drunk during the night, I finish off in the morning. Throughout the day, I have at least six gigantic cups of tea and then I factor in the liquids I am ingesting through the food I eat eg tomatoes, oranges, and any food in general that has a high level of water content. When I am busy, I am focusing on things that are going on in my head and it is very easy to end up the day with a headache caused by dehydration. So hopefully, if this weather does continue and as we go into summer, you will develop your own protocol to follow, so your blood remains well liquefied and not stodgy and thick.

I am glad to say that our Tai Chi classes appear to be up and running well and truly. The evening in class on Wednesday at 5:45 pm will have its first session delayed one week so instead of starting August 23, we will have our first Tai Chi evening class on August 30.
The morning class commences Tuesday August 29 at 10.30am.
Remember Tai Chi is sold as a block rather than individual classes and absence from class has been factored into that fee. Instead of $125 for the 10 weeks which would be our “normal” rate, you pay only $80 for a 10 week block.

It’s great to see Katrina‘s 9 am Aerobic Gold class on Friday is building up again. This is an excellent class to start from if you haven’t done many classes to music so great for Beginners.

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