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The Weekly Bite – Monday 21st March, 2022 —Issue 2456

Hi All

WOW!  $1250 has already been raised and handed over.

Team member Katrina is over the moon with your response to her fundraising efforts for flood victims in her home town area, Murwillumbah, which has been so badly affected. The money from Brian and I, and you (Lydia Miller, Debbie Charles, Sonya Marshall, Rhondda Kelleher, Loretta Lamb, Jenny Sykes, Karen and Tony Tavella) has already been submitted and 100% of this is being used for the people really needing immediate support.

If you have been thinking of supporting flood victims in some way and not sure which fund-raising entity is the most effective pathway, Katrina’s direct efforts might interest you. One person said to me, after witnessing the debacle of dissipating the funds raised during and after the great fires years ago, “I want my money to be used for the people needing it right now and distributed by volunteers on the coalface if possible”.

If you would like to help Katrina please see the Reception noticeboard for the QR Code to scan or go to

Do you use the Green Apple carpark? We do have a notice letting you know that you park at your own risk however we really want you to be able to access this service safely and without risk. There have been a few incidences over the years when cars have been parked at inconvenient angles, parked taking up two spaces, and even mistakes made through lack of mindful attention. Please do everything you can to share this space and to avoid potential damage to other vehicles.

Welcome back Sunny. It was great to hear that you had a safe and happy family time in India. Now that Sunny is back, he is working with me to formalise our pre and post-surgery work we have been doing for years. If you plan to have a hip or knee replacement, or have shoulder surgery planned, you will be able to enrol with Sunny to develop the plan that will provide you the best possible outcome. Send me your expression of interest in this on [email protected] so I can help facilitate the journey.  This initiative is something I am passionate about since having had bilateral knee replacements, major shoulder repair surgery, spinal fusion, plate and screw surgery in arm and leg. I totally believe in formalising our delivery of the protocol that we have designed and that we deliver so successfully.

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