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The Weekly Bite – Monday 21st November, 2022 —Issue 2491

Hi All

Some of you have been asking for clarification on any moves within Green Apple to deal with the COVID cases “blow out” that is expected from now and into the New Year so I thought it best to address the matter in this week’s newsletter.

The government is taking a fairly conservative approach right now and making recommendations about where and when to wear masks to protect not only ourselves but also vulnerable people in our community.

Mask wearing on public transport, and in enclosed areas where physical distancing is difficult or impossible, is a wise move and strongly recommended by both the Qld government and the key medical bodies.

In cases where there are any symptoms of any condition (not necessarily COVID) that could transition from one person to another require a mask too. We can’t stay home and isolated for every little thing we may experience but if we wear a good mask and stay well distanced, wash our hands religiously and use hand sanitisers, we should be able to go out into the community.

I have sisters living in Europe, one in Munich, Germany and one in Rome, Italy and we speak regularly. In both these countries the emphasis is getting back to life as they knew it with mask wearing compliance high where necessary but with as little disruption as possible to their work lives and personal lives.

My brother Peter, a retired Specialist Physician, is still very actively involved in many areas of medicine, and the strategies of various governments in Australia in relation to how they have been, and are, handling the pandemic. His current concern is how huge the coming wave will be of poorly treated and undiagnosed conditions that doctors were not dealing with during 2020, 2021 when patients were frightened or loath to attend their doctors in fear of catching COVID, and when hospitals were focusing on preparing for a pandemic invasion and many of their conventional services were put on hold.

So, at this stage, there will be no mandatory actions being taken that require you to act in any way that we don’t already ask you to comply with. The expectation I have of you (and that I ask all staff at Green Apple to follow up on) is that everyone using the Green Apple facilities follow the hygiene rules, i.e. that:
1.  Towels are used on ANY equipment you sit on and this includes cardiovascular machines
2.  Equipment and mats touched are wiped down after use
3.  Hands are washed and sanitiser used appropriately
4.  We avoid standing or sitting close together and that masks are worn if you are unable to distance yourself physically (we seem to be getting closer and closer again and if we are talking at the same time the aerosol particles we exhale travel a significant distance)
5.   Wear a mask whenever you don’t feel safe, and when you want others to feel safe.

Thank you member, Debbie Charles, who participated in Team member Katrina’s Monday night 6pm class. Lovely to hear that Katrina is so appreciated! Debbie writes,
“Just a quick note to let you know how fantastic it was to have Katrina’s class back on last night.  Whilst I did enjoy the yoga I really enjoy working hard in Katrina’s class plus there was quite a bit of variety during the class from step, pilates cardio etc. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You might really enjoy this class. Join in!

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