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The Weekly Bite – Monday 22 January, 2024 —Issue 2550

Hi All

This year seems to be galloping along already! And it will be an early Easter this year so I am sure the hot cross buns and Easter eggs will dominate the shelves as we shop even more than they appear to be already!

Feedback is still coming in from you about having additional Aqua classes. I asked for Expressions of Interest and now have enough response to trial a new class which is scheduled Wednesday evening at 6 pm, commencing January 24. 

One of the big benefits of doing Aqua at night time is the feeling most of us will get from the soothing properties of water. Many of you tell me that when you have done an Aqua class, you get the most wonderful night sleep after it.

Wanda is on a break till the end of January and when she returns she will deliver a Pilates Class on Tuesday night at 6pm, which will replace the current Stretch Class. Participants from that Stretch Class have already been approached about the transition, and their response was positive, so we will commence this additional Pilates Class in February. 

If you have never been to a Pilates Class at Green Apple, you will need to understand the elements of Pilates, and the breathing used, prior to going into a Group Pilates Mat Class. This requires a 30 minute one-on-one Personal Training session with Wanda, Katrina or Loretta. Once you have completed the Pilates Basics, there will be no fee to attend the class . Even if you have done Pilates somewhere else, you will still need to do the in-house prep session. The Pilates class instructor spends all their time helping people with their technique and she is unable to teach new people unless they have had this prior instruction. 

If you are struggling with the weather, consider booking 30 minutes with one of the Exercise Physiologists to have a water program specifically designed for you. If you have private health fund rebates or an EPC to use, this session will be very good value. 

Keep up the fluids! And eat food that has a high water content. Survival tactics!

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