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The Weekly Bite – Monday 22nd August, 2022 —Issue 2478

Hi All,

Hope you are all behaving and having fun with your exercise.  Don’t forget to keep updating your program to get the best out of your body. Nothing worse than having a program that you aren’t happy with or having trouble with.  See the Reception team to book in with either an Exercise Physiologist (Charlotte, Zach, Bronte, Bridie or soon to be Charlie) or Exercise Professional (Darrol, Katrina, Wanda or Loretta).

Please note we have postponed  the Osteoporosis and Muscle Wastage course till Friday Sept 2 at 12noon – this runs for 90mins (2 sessions) with Exercise Physiologist, Bridie (if you have Private Health – you maybe able to get a rebate – depending on your cover).

Don’t forget Green Apple is on Facebook – please like us/follow us.

Enjoy your week and keep smiling!

Cheers Nessa


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