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The Weekly Bite – Monday 22nd May, 2023 —Issue 2516

Hi All

The weather is now cold enough in the morning to be wearing layers that you can shed as your body starts to warm up and becomes more pliable.

When I exercise in Winter or when I have been in colder climates overseas, I start with 2 or three tops that range from what I want to be wearing to do the exercise, something comfortable and not bulky, and then I’ll put a thicker layer on top of that followed by a jacket  As I warm up I remove the jacket and then as I really get going the middle layer goes too.

So, plan your exercise garb based on what type of exercise you will be doing and what time of day you will be at Green Apple. If you are at Stretch , Yoga or Pilates, warm layers will be important so you don’t cool down too much. If you are doing a Group class upstairs you will need a lighter layer close to your skin and much warmer over-layers so you stay warm before and after your exercise. It is very easy to freeze up once you stop your activity if you have perspired/sweated during a class or when doing your cardiovascular equipment exercises.

I have had a very positive response to the idea to use the downstairs men’s toilet as a Unisex toilet to allow women who cannot easily negotiate the stairs to access the downstairs toilet. We will be trialing this and Brian will be putting the “Vacant/Engaged” door lock on the external men’s Changeroom door.
Please note that the upstairs Ladies Changeroom should be used by any female client whom CAN use the stairs.
Also, MEN, you also have another toilet upstairs available to you (the Unisex toilet accessible from either the internal staircase or the stairs up from the outdoor skipping/rod area).

Do you have access to the Green Apple Facebook page? Darrol, our Team mate whom has looked after so many of you over the years, has put up a “post” for your interest. He is really making the most of his Australian trip and is looking super-happy!!

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