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The Weekly Bite – Monday 24th April, 2023 —Issue 2512

Hi All

I think it fantastic when people come forward and want to try something new and challenging. This is why I’d like to thank members, Alan Drew and Kieran Manton, for approaching Brian about their interest in learning more about the Step class and how to do it well.

Brian came straight over and asked me what will be the best way to do this time-wise and I suggested he ask around among the Earlybirds who come regularly at 5.30am to see if there was any interest from anyone else. So, thank you Don Size and Ian Lindsay for putting up your hand to give it a go because we have now arranged for Brian to do a Learn to Step 30 minute class over 4 Mondays ( April 24th, May 8th, 15th and 22nd) to have some fun to learn this skill set.

Brian plans to use slower music and to break down the moves he does to manageable learning segments so this is a great opportunity for any of you who don’t do classes but feel you want to give it a try to “just do it!”

When I used to teach Learn to Step 3 decades ago I would have classes of 18 people! AND it was delivered at 8pm at night and that didn’t deter them! Amazing to think of it now.

Step is a very methodical and structured class and this is why it can be great exercise once you get the hang of it. Basically it is being able to count 1, 2, 3, 4 and just repeating that over and over. I used to encourage people to get some sort of step to use at home so they could put on some slow music that had a 4-beat rhythm and just step up and down to the music till they could do it without thinking. This helped them be able to start getting into the right rhythm to be able to do different stepping patterns to that music. And I can tell you that it is wonderful exercise for your heart and lungs, it helps tone up the bottom and strengthen the legs.

If you haven’t done a class of any sort with Brian it will be an education! He has a very whacky sense of humour!!

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