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The Weekly Bite – Monday 24th October, 2022 —Issue 2487

Hi All

Isn’t it great to see our young exercise physiologists embracing their own physical activity in their own right! To see anyone “walking the talk” in any position in life makes what they do more meaningful.

You may know that exercise physiologist Charlie completed his first Marathon this year and now has his sights on developing his stamina, to the degree he will need, to do an Ultra-Marathon! This takes immense self discipline which then can spread to so many aspects of life.

And exercise physiologist Charlotte completed her first Triathlon a weekend ago, a short course of swimming, running and cycling, that she did without her “buddy” exercise professional Katrina (who is on a month holiday travelling around but who will be there to support and join in with Charlotte next time around).

Other Green Apple Team members are making individual efforts, like Bridie with her exercise to raise funds for breast cancer research. There is so much merit in what they are doing.

In the early days at Green Apple, Brian and I would take a Green Apple contingent down to the Gold Coast Marathon and set up a small marquee as close as we could to the event so we had a central meeting place. We would sleep onsite overnight before the event to be sure we kept the spot we wanted, probably not exactly what you were meant to do! This is going back at least three decades and we were all a lot younger.

Doing a half marathon annually became the goal of many staff and members. Some of us aspired towards completing just one marathon to prove we could do it. I always remember the huge effort  member Charmaine Jesburg made to conquer her one and only marathon. She showed such courage at the end, determined to complete it.

Brian and I wanted to do just one marathon and it had to be completed within a certain time. Brian’s goal was less than three and a half hours and mine was to come in under 4 hours. Thank goodness we both succeeded so we moved onto the next challenge!

It doesn’t matter how old we get and what we decide to aspire to, achieving something with this body we have been given and having a goal is the important thing. As we age just being able to walk where we want to and stay strong enough to live independently is probably the strongest objective and it all takes constant effort and the right physical activity done diligently.

And that is what the Green Apple is all about!

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