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The Weekly Bite – Monday 25th September, 2023 —Issue 2534

Hi All

Aquarobics!  The question some of you are asking now is “what days and times will the Aqua classes be rostered and when will they start?”

This year, it is more difficult to make this decision, because in the past when we had an early bird Aqua class, we had many people coming in whom were prepared to get into the water at 6 am. Currently we have two people expressing interest, but I need more interest if we are going to put on an early bird Aqua class. Are you interested in this?  We will be having at least one daytime class; most likely we will roster it in the morning after the school drop off so anyone with children or grandchildren responsibilities will be able to attend.  Last year, we had an Aqua class on Wednesday evening and over the week’s numbers dwindled so made it fairly unsustainable.  We will put a big sign up on the noticeboard this week to get your ideas in relation to the tentative class times planned which we would like to commence mid-October.

One of the services we introduced into Green Apple some time ago, was to provide certain “supervised” times on the gym floor for new members who were not confident or who needed more help with the program that had been set for them to do.  Why has this been necessary? Well, when we start at Green Apple there is so much to remember and to learn, not only about the exercises we are given to do but also how to do them properly and having someone to ask is very helpful. Going “solo” is a bit different from doing your exercises one-on-one with an instructor during the programming and teaching phase.  This need for extra help is also relevant to long-term members at Green Apple. When you have a new program which has elements you are unfamiliar with that require new learning processes, you too may need some intermittent help or coaching during your gym visit.

To help find a solution we decided to create specific times on the gym floor that you can come in and know that you will have one or two instructors available to provide this help. You will see these rostered sessions in the “Wellness Class Schedule” hand-out at Reception. Since it is a group activity, not a one-on-one service, it had to have a name and you will see it is called the Stay Strong Longer group or class.

The Stay Strong Longer classes, providing supervision while you do the exercises prescribed for you, are currently available Tuesday 1pm, Thursday 12pm and Saturday 8am. We are considering expanding this service if we have sufficient need for it, so if you are not too sure whether you are doing your exercises correctly make a point of attending at this time and see the instructor(s) rostered to look after you.

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