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The Weekly Bite – Monday 26 February, 2024 —Issue 2554

Hi All

My sister Hilary is flying off to New Zealand for a week on Tuesday this week, to catch up with friends she hasn’t seen for a few decades. The plan has always been to use Brisbane as her base so she will be back again next week, and her husband, Ulli, will fly in from Munich the day after. Both Hilary and Ulli attend their “sport” (meaning their gym) regularly in Germany so you may see them here on the gym floor some time in the next four weeks. I might say Hilary is already amazed at how friendly you all are. Both to her and to each other! So say hello if you see them around. 

Brian has installed another security mirror out in the street near the Green Apple carpark exit, and the Green Apple Clinic exit. You will be able to see any electric scooters and bicycle riders speeding down the hill, and hopefully avoid a nasty accident. This action was requested by a concerned member so let us know what you think about it. 

Another request we have had has been for an overhead fan in the Green Apple Stretch area. We have had this assessed by an electrician and he feels that an overhead fan will be of no more benefit than the existing fan in relation to keeping members cooler. As long as we keep the roller door open in that area, we will have good airflow. Of course if we have a return of the incredibly hot and humid days we experienced in January, you may need to think about using the upstairs aerobic class area to do your stretches. There are a lot of fans up there. 

If you have Type 2 diabetes you may be interested in asking your doctor for a referral which will allow you to access the eight week Type 2 Diabetes Group Education Course. This program has been completely re-vamped to provide 7 sessions of excellent information, and one session of demonstration,  and discussion of, the specific exercise prescription required if you have elevated blood glucose levels. 

The course is bulk-billed with a doctor’s referral, and even if you have attended this course in previous years, you can enrol for a repeat program. Two good reasons to join the April intake:

  1. New research is coming out all the time and
  2. We all need extra motivation at sometime in our lives.

For those of you who used to train on the Pilates Reformer previously with Charlotte (or any qualified trainer), Exercise Physiologists, Nathan and Suzzy, are available now to train you on the Pilates Reformer. You will need to book a Pilates personal training session, and if you have Private Health funding available, you will only pay the gap. 

This exercise modality provides you a wonderful base for any other physical activity. It addresses so many beneficial elements, including core strength and postural alignment, and you will develop a mindful approach to any exercise you do. 

Keep your fluids up!


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