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The Weekly Bite – Monday 27th February, 2023 —Issue 2504

Hi All

The Bald Hills State School Chaplain, Kylie Conomos, is asking for our help. She is looking for some Chappy Chum mentors who might have a spare 30 minutes a week to help the students on their waiting list. This role is to provide support and encouragement to children who really need that help to perform well at school. It could be playing a board game, having a chat. A Blue Card is needed in this role however, as a volunteer, there is no cost to arrange a Blue Card. If you are willing to be involved,  please contact Kylie on 3869 5555. She is available Monday to Wednesday school hours in her role of Chaplain.

There is a very inspirational story from a special member in this week’s newsletter. Mike Woodason has had an amazing journey since 2019. It makes great reading!

Help! I am looking for support from any members who would like to come and help us at the Bald Hills Farmer’s Market, which will be held on Saturday March 11, from 6 am to 12 noon. The committee running this event tell me they have never organised anything like this and they are going to do their very best to make it a wonderful Bald Hills event. As a business that has been operating in Bald Hills for more than 40years, I felt it important to support them where we can.

We have been asked to provide the First Aid service on the day since all the Team working at Green Apple do our resuscitation annually, our First Aid every three years, and we can provide a defibrillator (and let’s hope that we never have to use it!).

The plan at this stage is to set up a tent or gazebo where we can talk to anyone interested in finding out more about Green Apple. We could do blood pressure readings and a few other tests that people could find of value. I will take my massage chair and do the neck and upper back massage work I used to do at Dickson’s Senior Expo every year prior to COVID. I was run off my feet then so it will be interesting to see if will be appreciated at a Farmer’s Market.

If you are interested in being part of our Green Apple cohort on the day we will appreciate it. I always find that when we have members with us, people really like to get their perspective on what they do and why they do it. Much better from the horses mouth rather than the trainer!!

We will put a notice up on the Reception noticeboard, so if you can come, do put your name down.

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