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The Weekly Bite – Monday 27th June, 2022 —Issue 2470

Hi All

Thank you to all members who were able to write a farewell message to Sunny and to contribute towards his farewell gift. He was very touched by all the messages both written and verbal as well as the huge farewell and support he received from the Green Apple team.

So many people shared with me how they could remember Sunny when he first started at Green Apple and how much he grew and was prepared to learn about so many things, the Australian sense of humour, the fact that we are all “people” rather than “medical issues”, the need to communicate in a way people could understand and take ownership of their exercise. Sunny learnt, and then delivered, so many little and big things and became not just a good exercise physiologist but an exceptional one.

So now I have many asking “who will you get to fill the gap” and I need to share with you what is going on behind the scenes.

First, Charlie.
Charlie came to us when he was finalising his Sports Science degree a few years ago and has been a staff member since then during his study, doing his Masters in Exercise Physiology. He was only able to work Saturdays much of the time because the work load and practical placements are heavy. It was always my intention to offer Charlie a full-time position at Green Apple when he graduated. Not only will he be an excellent exercise physiologist and fit in so well with our existing team, he really understands the Green Apple culture and philosophies and has all the qualities I look for in a person.
Charlie will have completed his studies very shortly and will become accredited with ESSA, the professional body for exercise physiologists. He will gain a Provider Number which will allow him to apply to Medicare and Private Health funds to do the work as an allied health provider.
While we wait for the paperwork processes to be completed Charlie will work on general duties so it may not be till August or September that he will be rostered to do DVA, EPC and NDIS appointments. We can’t wait!

Second, Bridie.
Many of you will know that Bridie has returned to us after her extended maternity leave and we are so happy to have her onboard again. Initially Bridie was rostered for three hours on Wednesday only however, with Sunny going, Bridie will take on a full day on Friday starting from July I.
We will really need Bridie because we will not only be without Sunny but Charlotte will be away for three weeks in July, a trip she had planned months ago, to go to a wedding in New Zealand with her father. Charlotte really deserves this break and we hope that the trip will be a wonderful one for her.

So that leaves Zach and Brontë carrying the load with some help from Bridie for much of July. I know that they will be up for the challenge and I do ask you to be patient with Reception staff if they have difficulty providing “new program” sessions.

If you are due for a new program in July you may prefer to book with one of the exercise professionals i.e. Wanda, Katrina, Loretta or Darrol. The alternative will be to book in for mid-August when Charlotte is back and hopefully Charlie will be available too.

Keep up your good work in this much cooler weather. Just remember, when it is cold and you are shivering, you are burning calories! When you have to warm up your body AND you are exercising on the cold, you are definitely burning calories! We don’t want a sluggish slow metabolism in winter so stick with it.

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