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The Weekly Bite – Monday 27th November, 2023 —Issue 2543

Hi All

My prediction 30 years ago has come true. I said at that time that we would have an epidemic of type 2 diabetes and this has well and truly happened. I became very interested in sugar metabolism and how the body was being affected by extra sugar floating loose in great quantities in the blood stream. It is important for all of us to understand how easily this can happen in today’s world. 

You have the opportunity to find out more about this topic at a Presentation by exercise physiologist, Nathan, this Wednesday on November 29 at 10am. 

The title of the presentation is



If this interests you, Nathan would love to see you there. Just put your name on our “Expression of Interest” sign on the notice board and if we can get a little group together we can think about having a cuppa afterwards too. 

Did you know we have supervised sessions in the gym on certain days to provide members help with any new program they have been given. If you have a rehab program or some really new exercises, you may welcome some extra supervision on the gym floor until you are used to it. This supervised time is called “Stay Strong Longer” and we have it  scheduled for Tuesday 1pm, Thursday 12noon and Saturday 8am.  We established it originally for new members after they were given their tailored program because we knew the gym floor could be daunting for many new people. 

Collect the Wellness Strength Information Sheet at Reception if you think this service may be of use to you some time. 

“Well done” to anyone from the Wellness groups who did the Assessment. Always good to find out how we are going. 

You may see Kristen around the centre this week.  She is doing her “Onboarding” training with Nessa.  She will be joining the Green Apple Team to help us on Reception, please make her feel welcome if you see her around.

Also, remember to keep up your hydration while you workout during this hot, humid weather!

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