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The Weekly Bite – Monday 28th August, 2023 —Issue 2530

Hi All,

Can’t believe it’s the end of August and almost September where has the year gone, we all get so busy with life, so we need to ensure we take time for ourselves, so coming to the Green Apple is so important not only for building and improving our strength, flexibility, endurance but also the friendships that are made within the community of the Green Apple, why not join a class or start the conversation going with someone you haven’t meet before.

Katrina, Toni and I where at the Dickson Senior Expo last Tuesday, which was a huge success. Spreading the word about Green Apple and what we do and what you can achieve. Thank you to those members who came and saw us, it’s always wonderful to share your story and journey with others. Hint of those wishing to attend next year- come after 12pm.

If you wish to share your journey with others please let us know, you are all doing an amazing job and achieving great thing. We all love hearing about success stories and it really encourages others.







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