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The Weekly Bite – Monday 29 January, 2024 —Issue 2551

Hi All

I hear the new Aqua class at 6 pm last Wednesday with Jesse went very well. Several favourable reports, “Jesse took a great class ~ made us work hard!” Attending a water-based class in the evening like this will give you a better night sleep and generally a feeling of energy when you start your next day. There’s something about water work that can do this for us.

Hydration! I can’t encourage you enough to make sure that you are drinking enough water to keep your blood thickness at an optimal level in this hot weather. Young children, ageing adults and many animals don’t have an effective mechanism for dissipating heat. 

It is important for us to have a hydration plan in place daily eg fill 2 or 3 lire containers with water and put them somewhere they will catch your eye often, and then see how much you can drink through the day. If you need the water to be chilled, store them in the fridge and set your phone or watch to alert you on the hour to have few gulps. If you have difficulty swallowing quantities of water because they “waterlog” you, put some sugar free cordial in the bottle (I like a mixture of Lemon plus Apple/Raspberry). 

You may have noticed a long-term member working on reception. Louise Rose is our newest team member and is learning all the ropes of being on the other side of the fence, working in reception and customer care. If you have not met Louise before, introduce yourself, and if you have known Louise as a member, make her welcome as a Green Apple team member. Louise has been with us for many, many years, and she will be able to share information about services she has been using on a personal basis. 

Quick update on Brian’s hand, stitches out and visit to the specialist resulted in being able to drive again! Brian was told he couldn’t drive for 6 weeks initially and It went like this,

Brian “can I drive now”
Doctor “No, no”
Brian “Oh, yes, yes!”
Doctor “oh, well, I don’t see why not”

My sister, Hilary, will fly in from Munich in the middle of next week. When we walk and talk on Saturday each week, Hilary in snow and ice and I in the heat of day, Hilary tells me it is 8° below! If we continue to have this amazing hot weather, hot and humid weather, she will have a minimum of 40° difference in temperature to acclimatise to. She will leave a snowy Munich and arrive in steamy Brisbane. Brian is preparing an air–conditioned room for her!!

Hilary will be using the centre while staying with us, so if you see her around, say hello. 

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