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The Weekly Bite – Monday 29th May, 2023 —Issue 2517

Hi All

I know Men’s Health Week is not until June 12 however we are keen to let you know what we have planned to make it a special event.

See Sonya’s promo below (and more is planned for next week).

Charlie (Exercise Physiologist) is doing a Presentation at the Samford Men’s Shed on June 13 and he writes:

“Men’s Health Week takes place from 12th-19th of June. You might have heard of it before or maybe this is the first time. This week focuses on the promotion of men’s health across the world, with the aim to get conversations started with men and their health.  I am telling you about it now because we are going to celebrate the whole week and I want you to be part of it.

Sometimes it can be tough to look after your health, it is easy to deny that there is an issue in the first place, it can also be tedious to take time to look for health information and know what information we can trust. Sometimes we might worry about not seeming manly enough to admit there might be an issue or even be able to talk about what you are going through. This Men’s Health Week we will be offering free health checks for all males (and females are welcome too!) because there is nothing more important than looking after your health. These health checks will give you a better understanding of your current health and find out if you are eligible to enrol in My Health For Life which is a government funded course, focusing on the prevention of chronic diseases. 

We will also be delivering exercise tests for anyone wanting to see where they are currently at in terms of fitness, you can add your name to the leader board or you can keep your scores to yourself, the choice is yours. It might have been a while since you have gauged your fitness, or you have not had the chance to do it before, so if you are curious, pop down to the courtyard during the week from Monday June 12 till Saturday the 17th.

This will be a good chance to socialise and  have some fun so save the date!

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