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The Weekly Bite – Monday 2nd October, 2023 —Issue 2535

Hi All

Good news for water-babies, our Aqua classes will commence the week starting Monday October 16! The weather has been so changeable and variations of temperature from night to day time have been so unusual for this time of year that we have delayed introducing the Summer Schedule until mid October.

Expression of interest for an evening class, and/or a 6am class during the week has been minimal again in 2023 as it was in 2022 so we will hold off on these classes for a bit longer. 

We will continue to monitor the need for water exercise as the weather heats up, and if temperatures soar this Summer we may ALL need a pool program option to complement our gym program!

So, for now, our set Aqua times will be:
Monday 10am
Thursday 9am
Saturday 7am

We will have signs up on the Reception noticeboard for you to register your name for your preferred Aqua class. 

Michele, our Tai Chi guru, tells me she has space in her evening Tai Chi class if anyone would like to join her little group and find out what it is all about. This class commences at 5.45pm on Wednesdays and you will be able to purchase a card of 4 or 5 sessions which will take you to the end of the first Tai Chi block, finishing on November 1st. Michele feels that the participants who have been attending are now at a stage where beginners can be absorbed and catered for, and it will be good for any beginners to have people in class whom are already developing the necessary mindful skillsets essential for Tai Chi. See us at Reception if this interests you.

It is time to farewell Charlotte Barnes from our Exercise Physiology team, very sadly! We do understand however that Charlotte does need time to look after her own health and wellbeing and needs to have a break from her professional duties. Charlotte is loved by us all and we know she will keep in touch. Charlotte’s final day will be Monday October 9. Just to keep you in the loop, last week Charlotte had very little voice and it was very difficult for her to talk so if this is still a concern when you see her make sure you tell her not to strain herself trying to talk to all her fans!

Next week we will tell you more about the new staff member, Suzzy Revill, whom Charlotte has chosen to replace her on the Exercise Physiology Team.’

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