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The Weekly Bite – Monday 30th May, 2022 —Issue 2466

Hi All

During the past couple of weeks during our My Health for Life week (May 16 till 22) and our Exercise Right week (May 23 till 29), Green Apple has been buzzing with energy. Brian and I attended the breakfast in the Courtyard on Thursday morning, 7am, and had a lovely time. Shirley was the hostess and helped set out the plates-to-share that members generously provided. I had a big home baked muffin which came with Reevesie (that he tried to claim the fame for!) which was obviously the work of his partner Sandra. Very yummy!

We will share more news, and some great photos taken by Nessa during this time, in next week’s newsletter.

Brian and I had a lovely five days at Kirra recently and despite dismal weather Brian managed to get in a couple a decent body-surf sessions and I climbed up and down some of the impressively steep streets behind the flat coastal areas. It was lovely being able to have this downtime together.

We always have a lot going on at Green Apple and we keep you updated by our newsletters, this one that comes out weekly as well as our E-newsletter which is compiled monthly and is different from the hard copy one you pick up in the Centre. In this week’s edition you will see that Sunny will be running another 3 hour educational session next month and these are always good value. Zach will be starting the next My Health for Life course also next month.

So keep an eye on the “Events” column in case something you are interested in turns up.

Keep up your “Movement as Medicine” and your essential “body-housekeeping”. Your investment in time and money doing this has a greater ROI than anything else you do in life!

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