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The Weekly Bite – Monday 31st July, 2023 —Issue 2526

Hi All

We roll into August this week, and I want to share with you some of the activities that will be changing and others that will be included in our schedule during this month.

First, the veterans group class (named VEC class on the schedule) that we have been delivering on Tuesday and Friday at 8.30am has had dwindling numbers during winter and from this week we will be changing the time on Tuesday from 8.30am to 10 o’clock and, for now, we will cease delivery of the class on Friday. We really want to build the numbers up in the VECs class and the VETs attending the class on Tuesday invite any other men in the gym to come along and join in the fun that they have in this class. Exercising in a group makes the effort so much easier.

The Aerobic Gold Class on Friday will revert to the original time of 9am and we are going back to the format of providing this as a “Learn to” class for anyone who currently doesn’t do classes to music but would like to. The purpose of this class when it was first initiated was to use slower tempo music, more simple moves to music, with a teaching component to help people learn how to hear the beat and to understand the moves and terminology. If you have been attending this class with Katrina you will still be welcome and Katrina will know what you are capable of, however it is very important that we have an entry level for our group classes to music and this class, Aerobic Gold,  is the main one. If you are new, make sure you tell Katrina at the start of class so she can look after you.

Heartgrooves participants (classes were held Monday 12noon and Friday 1pm) have now graduated to attending solo on a 10 session Attendance Card. A new Heartgrooves class format, where all participants work together under the supervision of their leader, is being developed and should be up and running by September. If you have friends or family who really need to improve their strength etc, whom would benefit from exercising with others and having expert supervision, organise for them to come and have a talk with me so I can explain my vision for this group class.

The pending Tai Chi class is gaining support and I will be able to provide more news about this soon. We will be scheduling a class during the week, either at 10 or 11am and I was hoping to have a class on Sunday for people who work or can’t attend during week days however there are hurdles to this. I would like feedback on a Sunday class so I can see if there is real interest in weekend Tai Chi.

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