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The Weekly Bite – Monday 31st October, 2022 —Issue 2488

Hi All

You may have noticed the new Squat Rack machine out where the Bench Press used to be near the Stretch Area. I had hoped to explain to you about the reasons why we have sourced and purchased this equipment before it was actually installed, but better late than never.

The bar used in this area is 20kg heavy even without any weight added. This is definitely a load that is significantly heavier than the bars we usually use for the Bench Press and it is for Health and Safety reasons we need to make sure that it is used appropriately.

At present we ask no-one to access this area until further decisions are made regarding the use of the machine. Right now it is for the use of the Exercise Physiologists (Charlotte, Bridie, Zach, Brontë and Charlie) and the Exercise Professionals (Darrol, Wanda, Katrina and Loretta) when they are doing Personal training and any session when they are working one-on-one with a client (not including New Program appointments)

We have 5 Exercise Physiologists and 4 Personal Trainers and they have to be able to access this equipment for the specific supervised activities that they are doing with their clients. If a member decided to do their Bench Press exercise at the Squat station it would make scheduling the Squat Rack usage for other exercises that can’t be done anywhere else in the gym difficult. This is why you now have two allocated Bench Press benches in the Main Weights room to use during your program.

You may be tempted to use your Theraband or Power Band in the Squat Rack area and we ask you to continue to use bands elsewhere in the gym.

Some of you whom have used Squat Racks in the past may be unhappy about what I have written here so I encourage you to let me know ([email protected]) so I can take into consideration your concern for any further planning in relation to the Squat Rack. I want to hear from you personally so tell me how you feel rather than tell a Green Apple Team member who hasn’t the authority to change the current usage rule.

This editorial has been challenging to write because the above information is good news for so many but possibly not for others. The other issue that I have to address is the current occasionally spasmodic compliance in the cleaning down of equipment you touch. I am getting so many complaints about this that I need to remind you again. If you are exercising at Green Apple, we do have the expectation that you will use a towel on the equipment you are sitting or lying on and that you wipe down the contact places on equipment not covered by the towel after use.

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