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The Weekly Bite – Monday 3rd April, 2023 —Issue 2509

Hi All

We have great content as usual on the back of the newsletter, and this week includes an easy-to-make healthy cake recipe for special occasions, and also a great article on the benefits of avocados.

First, more about avocados to balance out the message about how good they are. Yes, we can regard them as a magic food however we also must understand that we can’t overdose on them without some unwanted consequences. It is the same old story, just because something is healthy and good for us it doesn’t mean we can eat huge amounts of them. Any fruit, and avocados are in the fruit category, can load our body with calories if we overindulge. Avocados are full of healthy fats and since the calorie value of every fat gram is 9 (as opposed to a gram of carbohydrate or a gram of protein, at 4 calories per gram) the calorie count can escalate significantly when eating avocados. Half a small avocado has approximately 10 fat grams and a really large avocado half has 32 fat grams. Multiply this by 9 and you see that the calorie count in half an avocado can range from 90 to 315 calories and this slides down so easily it is easy to eat more than half an avocado daily when they are in season.
Having explained this, when the avocados on our tree at Lamb finally mature ready for eating, we will be enjoying them totally!

Second, our lovely Carrot Patch Cake, this is a really easy cake to make and most people will love it. Just be aware that “carrot” cake makes us think we can indulge in it freely. Not unless you want to be upping your exercise!  Just to alert you, the oil, eggs, pistachios and full-fat cream cheese are fat-based and provide 2,608 calories in this cake. So happy baking and enjoy it in delicious little portions with your cuppa.

 Alert: Katrina’s great class Aerobic Gold on Friday now starts at 9.30am not 9am.

And the message we are putting out about the Honey House facade, in response to the Council requesting we share how we feel, is “Loving our new look shopfront which was supported by Brisbane City Council’s Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant”.
And thank you Brian for all your hard work on this, and member (builder) Ian Lindsay for your advice and loyal support for Brian in relation to the task he was undertaking. I appreciate everything you both have done and also John and Gary’s interest in the project and backup.

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