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The Weekly Bite – Monday 3rd October, 2022 —Issue 2484

Hi All

So much going on right now that my space to write to you this week has dwindled significantly! If you read all of the front page of this newsletter you will catch up on multiple matters, some of which may be pertinent to you.

Monday this week is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday and we will be open from 6am till 10am with Step at 6.30am and Barbell Class at 9am, taken by Brian. If you have never done a Barbell Class then this is your opportunity. Brian promises it will be a fun class and he will be kind to any newbies!

This week John will be getting the pool ready for Aqua classes next week. His thorough preparation will ensure you will be in sparkling clean water, sufficiently heated by the solar panels.

We still have places in the next My Health for Life course. This is a great program to do in the lead up to Christmas. It will definitely keep you on track during a challenging time, and it is FREE, fully funded by the government!

Bridie’s workshops are becoming very popular. I particularly recommend the Total Knee Replacement workshop because it is relevant to every person suffering knee dysfunction and pain. You don’t have to be preparing for, or recovering from, knee surgery to benefit from what you will learn.

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