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The Weekly Bite – Monday 4 March, 2024 —Issue 2556

Hi All

I have just finished writing the editorial for our monthly “email” newsletter and it will be sent out to you fairly soon. This monthly newsletter differs from your weekly in-house newsletter. I am mentioning this now because many members have mentioned that they “have already read the newsletter” when I ask them have they read my blog in the emailed newsletter.

They were under the assumption that the one we send out to you online, and the in-house newsletter, has the same content. Since we only include original copy in the one we send out, there will be articles of interest gathered from other sources in the weekly newsletters and only our own content in the monthly one. 

Our weather is amazing, isn’t it? I know that many of you suffer in the heat, and that doing your exercise can be a real challenge, however it is so important to keep up some physical activity. Think about the way you could amend your program or your physical activity to cope with the heat and humidity. Possible options are: focusing on your stretches, your mobility exercises, your balance and even your strength work rather than your cardiovascular exercise at present. Water work is the other option, either attending the Aqua class or having a pool program designed for you as an individual. Pool programs can be made up in 30 minutes by an Exercise Physiologist, and if you have care plan sessions or private health fund, this is a valuable use of them. If you still wish to do your program in the heat, consider cutting it down by half, possibly reducing your Intensity or resistance, and find the coolest places in Green Apple to do them. 

Also, keep up your fluids! I know I keep harping on this, but I can’t stress it enough. 

We still have so many Covid cases in the general community that it makes me even more keen to see our hygiene practices maintained in the Centre. Wiping down equipment when you have finished using it is still the practice required by our inhouse Health and Safety, and Hygiene, “rules”. It is an expectation that I ask you all to maintain as a protection for us all. We do the major cleaning on the equipment regularly however this doesn’t replace the effort we can all make to keep potential infection as minimal as possible. 

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