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The Weekly Bite – Monday 4th December, 2023 —Issue 2544

Hi All

Every year, for decades, we have posted out a Christmas letter to you all and this year may be the first year that we will communicate with you in a different way. 

Since I am very old-school in relation to so many aspects of keeping in touch with people, and since postage has been my favourite way to contact you on your birthday, and also in the lead up to the festive season, it’s taking me a great deal of thought to consider the changes that we may need to observe this year. 

Our weekly newsletter is probably our primary best communication pathway right now, and we endeavour every week to make sure this comes out to you regardless of what is going on behind the scenes. If you have member-acquaintances who don’t collect this weekly issue, it would be good to remind them that this in-house “gazette” will keep them current in anything going on at Green Apple, from Public Holiday hours, to Christmas/New Year week’s amended hours, and any events from Body Composition testing, Courses to Workshops etc. 

AND, of course, we always include one of our famous selection of recipes which many members tell me they find fantastic!

Instead of posting out our Christmas Gift to you this year we will have them at Reception for you to collect in the week leading up to Christmas and these will also be available until the end of January, 2024. 

We will be sending you an email newsletter in December, in the lead-up to Christmas and this will give you a 2023 wrap-up and Best Wishes for the festive season as well as any other thing we want to share that we would normally put into your Christmas letter. 

So much is going on behind the scenes here making sure everyone is trained up and ready for 2024 that it is almost overwhelming! I just can’t believe how quickly this year has passed, and how much we have had to stuff into it, and still packing it down. 

“The work being done by our Exercise Physiology team is of such high quality that any member with medical (metabolic health issues like COPD, heart, T2D, osteoporosis etc, and joint or biomechanical health issues), should feel very confident to enlist their professional help. You, as a member, have access to very subsidised fees, so make sure you are using the expertise that we are providing.

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