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The Weekly Bite – Monday 4th September, 2023 —Issue 2531

Hi All

So much going on within Green Apple at present that the brain twirls away at a spiralling pace. I love the quote I heard this week when someone was trying to remember a word that just escaped them at the time and they struggled to think of it. Finally they said “Oh that word has just taken a little walk and will be back soon”. How often does this happen to you too?

Just letting you know that we will be doing our obligatory Fire Drill on Tuesday September 5 with the siren going off at 11.35am. The Green Apple Team will meet at 11am to do the theory part of the drill and then, once we have the Tai Chi class completed at 11.30am, we will be doing the actual evacuation from 11.35 till 12 noon. If you prefer not to be part of this I suggest you plan your access time to the Centre for outside the Fire Drill time. We will have a staff member manning the front desk and phone throughout the drill and alerting you about what’s going on.

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