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The Weekly Bite – Monday 5 February, 2024 —Issue 2552

Hi All

Did you know that a new block of Tai Chi classes commences this month? On Tuesday, February 13 and Wednesday, February 14 we will start a new block of eight classes. See the reception noticeboard for details regarding the time these classes will be delivered. 

Whether you are someone who has been attending class with Michele in 2023, or you are a Tai Chi beginner, Michèle will be able to accommodate you. 

Usually Tai Chi is delivered in a block of 10 sessions, however since it is an eight week block this time, the fee will be $64, rather than $80.

We welcome Wanda back this week. Her children have settled back into school and she is eager to see you all. Since Wanda will no longer be delivering the Saturday Pilates class in 2024, she is now rostered to provide this class for you on Tuesday night at 6 pm. Come this week! 

If you have never been to a Mat Pilates class at Green Apple, and you would like to attend on Tuesday nights with Wanda, it will be necessary to have one 30 minute session of Pilates Basics personal training before you participate in this class. You will need coaching in the breathing and Pilates elements before attending in a group setting.  Wanda is busy coaching her group during the class and is unable to cater for the necessary orientation required by someone whom is starting from scratch. 

The Saturday class at 10am, which was previously a Mat Pilates class, is now a Core and Stretch Class with Jesse. Many of the elements of Pilates are still being used and Jesse is keen to provide coaching-in-technique as part of his delivery. He is always looking for feedback on what he is doing and the current class have appreciated this. 

If you like to come to Green Apple on Saturdays, you have a choice of Aqua, Yoga, Core & Stretch as well as the special session at 8am, Stay Strong Longer, which is one hour of group supervision provided for any new members whom have finished their induction and now are transitioning onto the gym floor “solo”, or longer-term members whom have a new program that they are not sure of. We have three Stay Strong Longer sessions weekly and the whole purpose of them is to help you do your program safely with correct technique. You are doing your own program so you will be comfortable with quite a lot of it. The group size varies significantly depending on how many people need support. The instructor(s) appointed to deliver this session will go from one member to another as help is required. 

Again, I implore you all to STAY HYDRATED!

I can’t stress this enough. Even the toughest of us can succumb if not drinking sufficient fluid. 

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