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The Weekly Bite – Monday 5th December, 2022 —Issue 2493

Hi All

I have some great news for our men members whom have been asking about water classes for men. We are introducing an Aqua for Men Class and we are looking for expressions of interest. Charlotte tells me she has a lot of people thinking about it already so if you are keen to try this let us know at Reception, and if there is space in the class you could be part of this exciting new activity!

The Aqua for Men class will be held on Tuesdays at 8.30am and the very first class will start on Tuesday December 6. Charlotte will be the Leader guiding you, making the most of the special properties of water.
Charlotte will be your “Queen of Fun”!

You should receive your special end of year Christmas greeting which will include details of what is happening over Christmas and New Year etc. If you don’t receive your letter in the post by December 12, let us know.

Every year we provide a Christmas Bonus of a $30 voucher to spend within the Centre. You have to earn this bonus by being diligent with your exercise over Christmas and into the New Year. Every one of you who completes 20 visits to do your exercises in Green Apple from December 12 till Australia Day on January 26 will win!

The Green Apple team will be having our Secret Santa one hour Christmas celebration on Tuesday December 6 at 11am. Charlotte has organised this and there will be at least 20 of us at La Zucca eating pizza! We chose this venue so we could be very close to work and also to support our local community.

The Green Apple will be open of course so if that is a time of day you usually come to Green Apple we still expect to see you in.

There are a lot of tummy bug sicknesses and colds without a COVID diagnosis around at present. It is critical to keep washing your hands constantly if you are out and about, or using hand sanitiser if you are not near hand-washing facilities. Think about what you are touching that could have been handled by someone with a transmissible condition eg door handles, toilet flush buttons, handles on shopping centre trolleys, key pads, so many potentially infectious surfaces.
If you catch a train, do you use your elbow to activate the door? And if you cross a road activated by traffic lights, what do you use to push the button? When I am cycling and I have a button to push to activate the bike cycling lane traffic light I use the back of my gloved hand.

On Saturday December 3 we are doing our First Aid and Resus (again!). I must have done this more than 10 to 20 times over the years because it is essential to stay current if I wish to keep my Private Health Fund rebate status for my Clinical Massage practice.

Have a great week!
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