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The Weekly Bite – Monday 5th June, 2023 —Issue 2518

Hi All

Wow, you should see what your Green Apple team is putting together for Men’s Health Week! They have been working so hard to create a fun and interesting program with some activity of real interest every day during Men’s Health Week, which commences on Monday May 12.

Everyone on the Team is involved so I am keen for you to be able to support their efforts. Toni is back on light duties and keen to help, and John is right in, boots and all, to not only help with the setting up and dismantling at the start and end of the week but will also be doing some work spreading the information to Men’s Sheds and anyone else he can think of to get the word out. If you have any ideas about whom would like an invitation to be extended to and you see John around then let him know.

Nessa has been organising the promotional material that we plan to roll out wherever we can and the whole team have discussed what they think a good idea to do and how they can help with it. If you do take part in any of the health checks they plan to do, you might be surprised at your results. The Grip Strength test for example is a good indicator of overall body strength and is used in a lot of formal testing situations. Give that one a go!

The Speakers that Nessa and Sonya have lined up will be really interesting to listen to. Our new Psychologist, Nicole Corrigan will present on the Exercise Benefits on our emotional and mental health. We probably will all benefit from understanding this.

Other presentations from Loretta Howard, our in house Dietitian, and one of our resident Exercise Physiologists, Charlie, will also be enlightening. Charlie will be doing this talk also for the Samford Men’s Shed on Tuesday June 13.

Member Neil Evans, in his role as representative of the Moreton Bay Prostrate Support Group, will also share information that any man will benefit from. As a wife of a man who has had prostate surgery, I think all women whom have a close male in their lives will benefit from hearing Neil’s talk.

So if you can help with inviting people along to our event , or suggest someone or a group we can invite, let the Team know.

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